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So Sisal

Monday, August 31, 2015
Urbana Belgian Sisal

I am a big fan of layered textures, so it won't be surprising to you that I am a fan of natural rugs underfoot.  Besides the dose of texture they often add that feeling of casual elegance that so many of us are after.  Unfortunately, the less than desirable stain resistance qualities make them a bit tricky for families with small children, pets, and high traffic areas...that pretty much describes my house to a tee!

Thankfully the folks at Merida have found a way to make natural fiber rugs a 'do' for all those areas and more.  Two of their newest patterns are setting new standards for stain-resistant performance in beautiful Belgian sisal. Hallelujah!

Avant Belgian Sisal

Avant and Urbana are woven in 100% natural sisal treated with UltraFiber, an innovative stain-resistant, fire-retardant technology deep at the fiber level, making it safe for children and pets. Merida UltraFiber rugs ensure durability and long-lasting protection for high-traffic areas in residential, retail, and even hospitality settings.

I think I just found the perfect floor covering for my future retail shop!  :)


The Cobbler's Shoes

Thursday, August 27, 2015
Hello friends...or should I say strangers?  It's been way too long, I know.  Good news is business is good. Yay!  Bad news is the influx of new clients has left little time for keeping up the blog...or in the case of this post, designing the interiors of my new home. Thankfully things have smoothed out and we are keeping a more manageable work load at present time.  This reprieve allowed me to sneak away for the morning to do this...

It felt really good to dig my Belgian linen draperies out of their moving boxes, wrinkly as could be, and spend a little time making plans for my house.  Funny, as a designer I find there is often this unspoken expectation that my house should be this amazing showcase of all my talents and capabilities.  Truth's not. I wish it were, but it's not...yet.

There are still many decisions left to make, but for today, it was nice to begin turning my own design inspiration into a reality.

More on my own interiors and some project installs soon!


Sneak Peek: Upcoming Projects

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another project on the books!  One of the really great parts of being a designer is the variety of projects I get the opportunity to work on.  Whether remodeling a kitchen, designing furniture, or selecting furnishings I have the good fortune of channeling balance and beauty into the lives and homes of my clients.  So good, right!?!

This is a peek at the initial furnishings selection for a family room project I am currently working on.  Cool watery blues and grays warmed by hints of cream and antique brass.  The fabric samples will be rolling in this week so we can finalize our fabric selection and then these gorgeous, made in America, pieces will be in the works! Love it.

This project is utilizing our full-service design services, but if you would like a design board like the one pictured above made just for you, please visit our services page to find out more!


Fancy That

Monday, April 27, 2015
Velvet & Linen
It isn't a new idea by any means.  I'd file it under 'oldie but goody'.  Vessel topped vanities harken back to the days before indoor plumbing, scary as that must have been.  Thankfully, things have changed a lot since then but as with most classic design elements the look still holds true.  It's romantic, nostalgic, and in the plans for our newest bath remodeling project.

Last weekend, I sent my clients on a scavenger hunt for the perfect old dresser to retrofit.  I directed them to Downtown Martinez for their search, a favorite haunt for spending the day antiquing and dining in the historic downtown.  Armed with their design plan and optimal dimensions the search was on.

I have to say, they are good little shoppers!  These are a few of the options they sent me via text...

Great right!  Sizing, style, and budget considered, I helped them narrow down the pack to our keeper...

They found this little keeper at Attic Child.  A great little spot right on Main Street, chalked full of great pieces.  The owner Frank will paint your piece to order or sell it to you as is.  For our purposes, we will be retrofitting and painting this little find ourselves, but more on that as the project progresses. Stay tuned...

Have an inspired week!


Trend Alert: Feeling the Blues

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Albert & Dash
Now that spring has finally sprung and we can officially welcome some warmer temperatures and many are choosing to cool things down with a healthy dose of blues.

Patrick Ahearn Architect
Here in California, we are no stranger to the trendy coastal hue but it seems my favorite color is finding it's way into designer show houses from here to New York this season.  The shades run the gamut from a casual washed denim to the beautifully deep rich hues of indigo and shibori.

SLC Interiors
I have found a ton of inspiration in this latest wash of calming blues for my summer home decor launch, but more on that soon!  The question is, 'how will you use this seasons hottest color in your home?'

Have an inspired Wednesday!


House Happenings: Bathroom Reveal

Monday, April 20, 2015

Good morning friends!  I am finally getting around to posting the photographs of our bathroom remodeling project today.  I had intended on sharing them here last week but business is picking up (yay!) and I just couldn't find the time, but better late than never!

We love how it turned out!  I am not sure what my favorite feature is but I think it's a tie between the marble counter top and the ship lap paneling.  The two make quite a handsome I want to cover my entire house in them both!  Hope you all enjoyed following along on this project, it was fun to share!


Sneak Peek: Upcoming Projects

Friday, April 17, 2015
If you have been keeping tabs on RM via social media, you already know there is another bath remodel on the books.  Here is the before...

Pretty bad huh?  My new and very sweet clients were unlucky enough to have a water leak that destroyed the floors, cabinetry, millwork, etc in their downstairs bathroom and adjacent laundry room.  (Hmm, sounds familiar.)  Fortunately, after a RM redesign, they will be upgrading to this...

We are planing to re-imagine and old dresser into a vary chic new vanity, topped with sculpted stone counters, wall mounted fixtures, and a Venetian mirror flanked by sconces.  We are also incorporating a walk-in spa shower, tile inlays, and oil rubbed bronze hardware and fixtures.  It will be gorgeous when complete!  I am so excited for construction to begin and so are my clients!

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